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Thousands of students have learned from Dr. Jay’s books!

New 3rd Editions of Doctor Jay’s Music Lessons now available on Amazon

“I have taught with Dr. Fuchs’s books and seen how he has adapted them to the needs of the music students of our time. I also love the incorporation of keyboard diagrams and exercises and also the composition activities. Highly recommended!”

-Gary Gratz


“I used all three books from Doctor Jay in school, and they are extremely thorough and clear! This was the first book that really laid everything out from start to finish, and it made it very comprehendible in and out of class!”

-Hailey Ward


“I have taken music theory classes from Dr Fuchs and this curriculum. It has 100% changed the way I approach music - in the best way possible. Dr Fuchs has done an incredible job creating this curriculum in a way that is applicable to the styles of today’s music industry. Don’t leave home without it.”

-Jason Law



“Phenomenal teaching tool, I had an amazing experience learning from this text. The author offers many lessons and self-tests, so students are extremely prepared. My school used these books in many classes, which resulted in a very high rate of success.”

-Cole Tindal



“Great book for learning music theory in a more contemporary way. Coming from a more classical background, I can say that this series is excellent at teaching all the important concepts of music theory for a more practical use. Complete with useful exercises and composition projects, this series is a great tool for anyone learning music theory.”

-Caleb P. Anderson

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Ear Training for the Modern Musician is designed for a sequence of music major ear training classes.  If you'd like to receive more information about these books, please contact Dan directly here

and practice example answer key

and practice example answer key

Music Theory and Ear Training for the modern musician, Learn How Music Works teaches students the musical language of today. Its straightforward approach uses concise lessons, self tests, creative exercises and composition projects all supported by contemporary musical examples. Students enhance their learning experience through mobile-friendly online ear training exercises, which are beautifully recorded in modern styles and work hand-in-hand with each music theory topic. Instructors will appreciate the ease and functionality of these materials and the way they can be adapted to their own personal teaching style. Learn How Music Works is great for the classroom, the private studio or for self-study. 

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