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Here's a look inside Learn How Music Works, Book 2

Contents: Introduction to Voice Leading, Popular Chord Changes, Sus Chords, Sixth Chords, Altered Dominant Chords, Ninth Chords, Secondary Dominant Chords, Secondary Two Chords, Borrowed Chords, Secondary Diminished Chords, Elevenths and Thirteenths, The SubV7 Chord (Tri-Tone Sub) and Modulation.

We have posted examples below for you to take a look at and try out.

Below, you will find the recordings for the Practice Examples on the left, recordings for the Projects in the middle, and the PDF's for the selected Lessons on the right.

Learn How Music Works

Book 2

Lesson 3 and 10




Click here to download the pdf of Learn How Music Works, book 2, lesson 3 and 10.

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