Nobody does cabaret like Erin Schwab and Jay Fuchs.

For decades, they have been Minnesota’s favorite cabaret couple. And to make sure that cabaret flourishes for generations to come, they have created Cabaret Camp®


This fun and intensive program gives you the opportunity to be the performer you’ve always wanted to be.

What will you do at Cabaret Camp?

First and foremost, you will perform in a CABARET SHOW. This epic event will take place in the fabulous Dunsmore Room, at Crooners Lounge and Supper Club. This award winning venue is where Erin and Jay do their shows. 

To prepare for the show, you will participate in three lively  WORKSHOPS conducted by Erin and Jay.

Finally, you will receive two PRIVATE LESSONS with Jay, at his home studio.


  • You will perform two songs; more if time allows.

  • Jay plays the piano and sometimes even sings backup vocals.

  • Erin emcees the show, often with the help of some of the campers.

  • The Dunsmore Room is a fantastic “listening” space, with a beautiful Steinway grand piano. 

  • Crooners invited our first group of campers back for an “encore” show. 



  • You will practice with Jay at the piano.

  • Erin and Jay coach you to improve your stage presence, self expression, self confidence, phrasing,  musicianship, and vocal technique. 

  • Erin and Jay will also demonstrate and share their approach to cabaret performance.

  • All campers share their ideas and provide feedback, creating a strong, supportive community.  




  • You will receive two 45-minute private lessons with Jay. 

  • Together you will pick out and rehearse the songs for the show.

  • Jay will work with you on vocal technique, musical phrasing, choosing the right key, tone quality, and expression.

Erin Schwab


Celebrated musical entertainer, actress, TV and radio personality, and music theater director.


  • Rosie in "Mama Mia!", at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

  • King Herod in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

  • Crooner’s Lounge and Supper Club, Cabaret with Jay Fuchs in the Dunsmore Room

  • The Jason Show, KMSP – Fox 9, frequent guest and audience motivation leader

  • Featured performer with the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

  • Musical director for Ashland Productions in Maplewood, MN and SteppingStone Theatre for Youth Development in St. Paul, MN

Jay Fuchs (Dr. Jay)  


Renowned music educator, entertainer, author, composer, and music director.

  • Music Theory Teacher at IPR College of Creative Arts in Minneapolis

  • Former Music Theory Department Head at McNally Smith College of Music (27 years)

  • Author of Doctor Jay’s Music Lessons, Books 1-3

  • Co-Creator of Corridor (The ultimate music theory app)

  • Ph.D. in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Minnesota

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Good News, Piano Players!!

PIANO PLAYERS can be campers too!


As a piano player, if you can be a good musical partner to a singer, YOU WILL ALWAYS WORK. 

“I've worked steadily my entire professional career, not as a pianist, but as a musical collaborator who plays the piano. I'd love to help you learn how to do the same."

– Jay Fuchs

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What will you do at Cabaret Camp?

  • You will perform in a cabaret show.

  • You will learn how to create a piano accompaniment based on a lead sheet (melody and chord symbols) to support your singer.

  • You will learn how to utilize the vast expressive resources of the piano.

  • You will practice adding piano fills, when appropriate, to enhance the melody line.

  • You will learn how to transpose music from one key to another, in order to ensure the “right” key for your singer.


Basic music reading skills and the ability to build chords is required.


We will accept up to two piano players per camp session.